Suze is an experimental security analysis framework (mostly made in C++) that performs static analysis and fuzz testing on Android apps/frameworks. It’s currently private because I’m using it as a personal bug hunting tool, but I may release parts of it in the future.

Suze can discover convoluted and obscure types of vulnerabilities that would be difficult for a human security researcher to detect. It can process individual app files, most types of update files, and entire devices through ADB. The core framework handles load balancing, graph processing, ADB communication, etc. More features like fuzzers, scanners, and update file parsers can be added to the framework as plugins.

The project began in 2016 as a simple program to extract system app files and framework binaries. Thanks to my bug bounty rewards, it has evolved rapidly since 2019, with many new plugins being added from 2020 to 2022. The app scanning plugin especially allowed the discovery of numerous vulnerabilities, including six CVEs.

Current work on Suze is focused on improving performance, and cleaning up and documenting the core framework code.

Date 10 March 2022